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I Am A Believer (And, I Think, Pretty Well Educated)
Submitted by Jamie Hyatt, Class of 2017, on May 25, 2017

Before I came to Grace, I didn't really know who God was. I went to church, but I didn't truly believe. I pushed him away. When I came to Grace I gradually started to understand more and more. Standing here today, I am a believer (and, I think, pretty well educated). I will always remember Grace Lutheran. It means a lot to me.

Grace Isn't Just A School... It's Like A Family
Submitted by NaTasha Spry, Class of 2013, on May 23, 2013

Here it's not just a school, we aren't just a classroom. We grow together and end up being like a family. It's the place I can go and be myself. The place I go and can trust almost anyone I talk to. The place where I can get away from all the drama outside of school. I can just come here and clear my head. This is like a safe house for me. I'm safe here. In the last four years I have learned that faith is the most important thing in life. No matter what you are going through, you will always find comfort through Jesus.

When I Came Here... I Knew That I Was Forgiven
Submitted by Joshua Uei, Class of 2012, on May 25, 2012

Grace Lutheran School means a lot to me because of the teachers that take the time to help you when you need help, teach [the Word of God] and devotions that we do every day. When I came to this school I wasn't sure if I was a Christian or not. But when I came here... I knew that I was forgiven. And that is why GLS means a lot to me... The most importatnt memories I have from GLS are... when we studied God's Word and when the teachers took the time to help you when you needed it. ...Thank you to my parents for enrolling me in this school!

Learning the Word of God is the Best Thing
Submitted by Zybrelle Gage, Class of 2012, on May 25, 2012

The past two years have been fun. Every morning I woke up excited because of how much fun school was. I can honestly say thaty my [best] memories came from this school and church... I can learn everything [at] a public school... except learning the Word of God. That is one of the best things about coming to this school.

Here's how I'd rate the school... A+++
Submitted by Kelly Warren on October 2, 2011

And here's why... My family and I were privileged to be a part of such a wonderful atmosphere for 4 years.  Our daughter attended PK as a 3 year old and continued at Grace through the first grade.  Our son attended PK as a 3 through and went on to the PK 5 year old class.  Unfortunately, duty called us away from Alaska during the summer of 2011, or our children would have attended Grace Lutheran School through the 8th grade.  It was such an awesome experience that I am at a loss of words to describe it.  It was our home away from home, we were always welcome and felt comfortable anytime and all the time.  The teachers, administration, and pastor are incredible and the learning experience is second to none!!  Believe me, I am qualified to say such a thing, as we raised two older children in the public school system.  

And here's what I want other parents interested in Grace to know... Of all the awesome and beautiful things we left behind when we left Alaska, Grace Lutheran School is one of them we miss the most.  It has been a hard adjustment leaving the school! 

Definitely an A+!
Submitted by a parent on June 6, 2011

My child went to public schools her first 3 years (kindergarten through 3rd grade).  She has learned more in one year at Grace Lutheran than she did in all 4 previous years. And here's what I want other parents interested in Grace to know...The teachers are excellent w/the students.  There is a lot of togetherness, both w/adults and students.  The ratio of teachers to children is of such an amount that the students get a lot more of the one on one assistance that I feel is necessary for learning. The children learn about God and I feel this will help them to become more well rounded morally as well as educationally ready for adulthood. My child has become more respectful at home, and has learned a lot about how to help control her anger issues when they surface.

A Great Privilege to Go to Grace
Submitted by Grace Kautz, Class of 2011, on May 26, 2011

Hi. My name is Grace Kautz, I have had a great privilege to go to Grace Lutheran this year. I have a lot of fond memories that I am sure not to forget. I would like to thank my friend, Zybrylle, for telling me about this school, my 8th grade teacher, Mr. Holper, not only for being one of the best teachers I have ever had, but for helping me grow in my walk with Christ, Ms. Schwartz, for being a great music teacher, and my parents for letting me go to such a great school. Grace is probably one of the greatest schools I have been taught at. It means a lot to me, but I really wish it would go on through the ninth grade! Thanks again.

I Am Prepared Both Educationally and Spiritually.
Submitted by Stephen Brown, Class of 2011, on May 26, 2011

My name is Stephen Brown. I have been going to Grace for three years. Mr. Leckwee taught me my first year. And I am thankful to him for helping me. I also thank Mrs. Werth for helping me with grammar that first year. Mr. Holper was my teacher the past two years. He helped me greatly as well. I will never forget the eight months we had school in Mr. Holper's garage. I liked it because every recess was like P.E. because we all played together. I know high school will be hard. But I thank Grace Lutheran for preparing me both educationally and spiritually.  

Grace Lutheran School is a Wonderful Family!
Submitted by a parent at 
GreatSchools.org on April 4, 2011

Grace Lutheran School is a wonderful family who has loved and nurtured my child to be excellent in his academics but also reinforced God's grace and his love for him. We would highly recommend this school. 

Our only regret... we didn't enroll sooner.
Submitted by a parent at GreatSchools.org on February 13, 2011

We placed our daugher in Grace Lutheran School after several months in a public school. Our only regret is that we didn't enroll her at Grace sooner. The teaching quality is superb. Our teacher is skilled and dedicated, and the classroom environment is conductive to learning. The disruptive behavioral issues that bog down learning in public school don't occur here. The kids are respectful and engaged, the curriculum is challenging, adn the leadership is solid. We don't have enough nice things to say about our experience.

Our only regret... we didn't enroll sooner.
Submitted by a teacher at GreatSchools.org on February 13, 2011

I am very blessed to have the opportunity to teach in a Christ-centered classroom. It is a joy to work with the students and their families! I love to see the children grow academically as well as spiritually. god has richly blessed me through Grace Lutheran!

We Would Recommend Grace to Anyone!
Submitted by Paul and Kristie Durnell on January 25, 2011

Our family recently moved here and we chose Grace Lutheran for our son's kindergarten. His teacher is very good with him and he has a great bunch of kids in his class. When he started in October he was just starting to write all of his letters and now [in January] he is having spelling tests and doing quite well. He loves school and is excited to go every day! We would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a religious-based, well-rounded school!

Prepared for Future and Eternity
Submitted by a parent at GreatSchools.org on November 15, 2010

I have two kids currently enrolled at Grace and I think the staff does an outstanding job of not only giving my kids an excellent education that meets their individual needs, but most importantly, they teach my kids the truths of God's Word and what Christ has done for them. I'm confident that Grace will help my kids be prepared for their future and for eternity. Thanks, Grace Lutheran! 

An A+ School!
Submitted by a parent at GreatSchools.org on May 6, 2006

I think Grace Lutheran is an A+ school. Our two children attend the school and we are very pleased with the results. Personalized attention and quality of curriculum was of utmost importance to us as parents and at Grace Lutheran, they succeed at all levels. Parent involvement is integral to the child's learning experience. If you want your child to learn and grow in their Christian and academic lives and you want to be a part of that experience, you should consider sending your children to Grace Lutheran. If you want the teachers and daycares to raise your children, then by all means, send them to any other school in the area.

"I'm confident that Grace will help my kids be prepared for their future and for eternity!" ~ A Grace students' parent